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PGM Service Corporation takes snow removal and ice control as seriously as our customers. Our main goal is to enable all partners to conduct business operations safely and efficiently. With PGM Service, that means your entire facility is cleared once before 6 a.m., and then at regular intervals two hours ahead of shift changes, if snow is continuous.

Program Highlights:

  • We remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We prioritize heavily used and high profile areas
  • We keep all emergency exits and doors accessible and open
  • We maintain clean sidewalks and vendor entrances
  • We create access for employee and customer parking as early as possible

Because each storm is a new challenge, PGM Service proactively communicates before, during and after each weather event to enhance efficient and safe business operations. Regular, detailed communication is a priority to improve our service, promote transparency and enhance safety.

Communication Highlights:

  • Detailed Forecasts
  • Weather Conditions
  • Removal Progress
  • Aftermath Services

Final work reports are forwarded within 24 hours after full removal and aftermath operations to help with planning.

Reporting Highlights:

  • Types of Equipment
  • Hours
  • Dates
  • Tonnage
  • Amount of Snowfall

With multiple campuses and a large volume of business, our partners deserve the best service and value possible. Safety will always be our first priority when performing all service operations.

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